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Record of Lodoss War

Crystania DVDs and Ryo Mizuno News 12.15.01
According to Animenation , ADV annouced plans to release the Legend of Cystania OAVs on DVD. I hope they can find some cool stuff to put on there. Also, while searching around on Japanese websites, I found Ryo Mizuno's Official Page . For those that don't know, Ryo Mizuno is the creator of Lodoss and writer of the Lodoss novels. There is some pretty cool stuff on there like character summaries for some of the lesser known characters from the novels and information written by Ryo Mizuno about Lodoss and Crystania. Check it out.

Lodoss: COTHK on Cartoon Network 12.13.01
I don't know whether or not Lodoss will be on TV in the near future, but you can watch the first 3 episodes of the Lodoss TV series on Catoon Network's Toonami Reactor in Real Player. It's dubbed in english and each episode is split into 4 parts to make it more of a pain to watch.

First Mention of Lodoss on Usenet 12.12.01
Google just put up Usenet archives dating back to early May 1981! There is a lot of cool stuff up there, while looking for references to Star Wars I found this post from 1982 . The guy says he couldn't imagine waiting until 1997 to see all 9 episodes! Ha Ha. Anyway, here is the first mention of Lodoss on Usenet . On a side note, I finally got the SCD2 Turbografx-16 version of Record of Lodoss War 2 to work! I had it downloaded on my computer for the past two years, and every time I tried to burn it to CD it just wouldn't work. While taking a break from studying for my Calc 3 Final I was messing around and burned a working copy. It plays flawlessly in Magic Engine, I haven't tried any other emulators, but it looks great. The games page will be updated if I have time this winter break, and no I won't send you a copy. I'll post it to alt.binaries.emulators.tg16 when I get back from break.

New Lodoss Island Manga coming soon 12.6.01
Issues of Previews for November and December have Welcome to Lodoss Island listed as manga that will be appearing in the February and March 2002 Shonen Ace Magazines. Perhaps next summer we will see a new compilation come out.

New Lodoss Novel 12.5.01
I just checked out the Japanese Amazon site, aparently the 3rd Shin Record of Lodoss War novel came out on December 1st. The Shin Lodoss series is a compilation of the stories which appear in Kadokawa's Sneaker Bunko magazine.

A new "Lady of Pharis" Manga 12.5.01
According to the Kadokawa site , there has been a new Lady of Pharis Manga released. Record of Lodoss War: The Lady of Pharis vol. 2 was released on November 1st in Japan and so was a reprint of the first volume, it has a new cover. Here is a rough translation of the description on those pages: "Flaus, an orphan raised in the Pharis shrine. 15 year old warrior priestess Flaus, with a band of 100 fighters, set off to fight the unleashed evil." It would be nice to see a continuation of that storyline, I hope CPM will translate it. I've updated the manga page accordingly.

An Update, Whaaaaat!?!?! 11.21.01
Well, it's been over a year since I last updated. During that time this site has been in disrepair. Links didn't work and content was missing. People across the net have linked to my mp3s, movie clips and images and have been continually stealing bandwidth. Well, I'm finally fixing it all. I have all the image pages up and fixed. You can reach them all through this main page. There are about 50 new images, all scattered throughout the galleries. I've also did a rehaul of the Manga information page. It now mentions the new "Deedlit's Tale" manga and "Legend of Crystania Manga." I'm working on changing the names of the rest of my files and will redo the information pages. I will re-encode the mp3s with a better encoder and add some new video clips. I will be removing all the videoclips that I didn't encode and will put up clips from vcds of the TV series that I have. I will be removing all the files in the Media Archive, except the midi's, they will be moved to the music page. Hopefully the next update will be sooner than this time next year.

The Layout Will Remain 10.17.00
The layout will ramain intact, but I'm going to have the links on the left on every page so you don't have to go back and forth to this main page. I only have the About Me page done right now, but hopefully I can work on this stuff tonite. I don't have all my Lodoss stuff with me at the moment so I can't redo the information or add more to the pages, that will have to wait for later and won't be done for the 2 year anniversary on Thursday. By Thursday all I plan to have done is all the links updated, and redirecting pages on the old site. Aparently I did a few pages for the Merchandise section last year that I never put up. It's only a few pages for the Lodoss TV CDs with all the Titles I knew at the time. I pu them up in the Merchandise section so check that out.

Welcome to Kashue's Kingdom at Kashue.com ! 10.5.00
I've finally started moving everything and fixing up the pages. Until I get all the pages and stuff moved go to the old site for all the images and media. I'll have everything done within the next few weeks and then I'll start adding new and improved pages. the information about the TV series is seriously outdated and I have a ton of new images to put up. I also have a bunch of Lodoss news to put up, but I don't have the time right now. Enjoy whatever I have up at the moment until then.

I'm Moving, "Kashue.com" Is the Future Home! 9.30.00
In the middle of January, this site will be no more. I cannot afford $50 a month to stay with Yahoo, but I can continue to pay $10 a month with my new host A+ Net. They also paid to register a domain so I chose Kashue.com . I'm in the process of moving everything and I'll get referral links set up on this site, hopefully I will have this done in the next few days and can begin updating the design a little. In the meantime, change your bookmarks. The name of the site will still be the same and I will try to update the information more often. Also, I will be removing and adding different kinds of media because of size restrictions. My new email is now kashue@kashue.com .

This site was created 10.19.98
Last Update: 12.13.01

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