Lodoss Media Files

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Here's a bunch of Lodoss media files! If you have any or made your own, email me and I'll put it up.

Midi Files
(You need winamp for the XMs and MODs)

Lodoss TV
TV opener1
TV opener2

Lodoss OAV
Adesso e Fortuna1
Adesso e Fortuna2
Adesso e Fortuna3
Adesso e Fortuna4
Adesso e Fortuna5
Church Song
Fantasia of the Wind1
Adesso e Fortuna Inst.1
Adesso e Fortuna Inst.2
Adesso e Fortuna Inst.3
Adesso e Fortuna Inst.4
Adesso e Fortuna6
Adesso e Fortuna Inst.5
Odyssey(Image Song)
Fantasia of the Wind2

Desktop Themes
(unzipping utility here)

Deedlit Theme
Group Theme

Quake Add-On


Wave Files

.mov format1
.mov format3
Suspense Theme2
Suspense Theme1
English Stuff1
English Stuff2
English Stuff3
English Stuff4
English Stuff5
English Stuff6