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Welcome To Lodoss Island!
Youkozo Lodoss-Tou E!

Created by: Mizuno Ryou/Hyakuyashiki Rei(serialized in Monthly Shounen Ace - Kadokawa Shoten)
Production: AIC
Showing: April, 1998. As part of a double feature with the Maze movie. Runs about 30 minutes.
Director/Storyboard: Hiaki Kouichi
Character Design: Usami Kouichi

Parn and Deed!This is the SD(Super-deformed) Movie that came out over the spring. It's basically a parody of the OAVs that was penned by Hyakushiki Rei. He created the serialized 4 panel manga that was shown in Monthly Shonen Ace over the past year. I don't know much about the story but it does include everyone from the OAVs. It looks like love for Parn and Deedlit though. The music from the soundtrack proved this for me. Also the screenshots in the booklet also proves this. The music for this can only be descibed as goofy. As you listen to the soundtrack you can imagine the funny SD faces of Parn and Deedlit. This is one movie that didn't take itself seriously. It looks like a lot of humor and cuteness that probably will never be available in the U.S. Except through imports of the Maze/Lodoss Island LD.

The new Lodoss TV series runs 2-3 minute Lodoss Island shorts at the end of each episode. These little shows usually have some parody about the preceding episode and consist of good fun and humor, showing that this is not an entirely serious series. The humor usually comes from the other characters making trouble with the others and acting out little scenes of the preceding episode. Even though I didn't understand a word they were saying I still laughed. I can't wait until this stuff gets translated.

I have some MP3s from the soundtrack. Check them out at the Music Page. I seperated the Lodoss Island movie pictures from the ones found at the end of each TV episode. Check them out.

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